Astex Therapeutics Ltd. OBP II, III
Cambridge, UK

Astex is a drug discovery company applying novel protein structure-based technologies for the discovery of small molecule therapeutics.

Cambrios Technologies Corp. OBP IV
Sunnyvale, CA

Cambrios Technologies Corp. applies peptide affinity and biological patterning technologies to commercially important materials in semiconductor and other industries. Cambrios’ technologies enable rapid and low cost formation of patterned thin films of essentially any material, and are of particular use in large area electronic applications such as flat panel displays.

CircuLite, Inc. OBP IV
Saddle Brook, NJ and Aachen, Germany

CircuLite develops superficially implanted ventricular assist devices to treat congestive heart failure that align with the operating skills of the interventional cardiologist.

Coherex Medical, Inc. OBP V
Salt Lake City, UT

Coherex Medical is developing safer technologies such as a minimally invasive implant to close a heart defect called a patent foramen ovale, or PFO, and to induce tissue growth. PFO has been linked to at least two medical conditions that may benefit greatly from closure: cryptogenic stroke and migraine.

Ensemble Therapeutics Corporation OBP IV
Cambridge, MA

Utilizes its novel DNA Programmed Chemistry to direct synthetic organic chemical reactions in order to overcome the limitations - such as speed, expense and structural diversity - of methods currently used to generate novel small molecules.

eSionic OBP IV
Menlo Park, CA

Proprietary molecular systems for the energy storage market.

Mitralign, Inc. OBP IV
Tewksbury, MA

Develops a novel percutaneous transcatheter medical device for the treatment of mitral valve regurgitation, a disorder than can either cause or be exacerbated by congestive heart failure.

Radius OBP IV
Cambridge, MA

Radius is a privately held company that is a leader in the discovery and development of a new generation of drug therapies for osteoporosis and women’s health.

VaxInnate Corporation OBP IV
Cranbury, NJ and New Haven, CT

VaxInnate is developing prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines; technology based on research and discoveries of leading scientists from Yale University.