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Sirna Therapeutics, Inc. (RNAI) OBP IV
(Acquired by Merck & Co. Inc.)
(Formerly Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals)
San Francisco, CA

Sirna develops therapeutics based on RNA interference (RNAi) technology, a new and extremely potent method of using nucleic acids as drugs. Sirna's technology allows the rapid development of drugs against otherwise challenging drug targets. Currently Sirna has drug development programs in macular degeneration, oncology, diabetes, asthma, dermatology, and other areas.

Solexa Inc. OBP IV
(Acquired by Illumina (ILMN))
(Merged with Lynx Therapeutics to form new company, Solexa, Inc.)
Cambridge, U.K. and Hayward, CA

Solexa is developing DNA sequencing systems for the comprehensive and economical analysis of whole genomes.

PowderMed Ltd. OBP IV
(Acquired by Pfizer)
Oxford, United Kingdom

Powdermed Ltd is developing needle-free delivery of therapeutic DNA vaccines and immunomodulators for viral, cancer and other immune disorders.

Percutaneous Valve Technologies, Inc. OBP III  
(Acquired by Edwards Lifesciences (EW))
Fort Lee, NJ

PVT is developing a replacement aortic heart valve capable of percutaneous transcatheter deployment, thereby creating a new treatment option for patients with aortic stenosis who can't undergo open heart surgery.

Cohesive Technologies Inc. OBP III
(Acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO))
Franklin, MA

Cohesive Technologies Inc. develops and markets liquid chromatography-based products for the separation, purification, and analysis of drugs from patient samples for the clinical trials and clinical diagnostics markets.

Zone Labs, Inc. OBP III  
(Acquired by Check Point Software (CHKP))
San Francisco, CA

Zone Labs provides a security software platform for protecting patient and corporate genetic information.

Alantos Pharmaceuticals OBP IV
(Acquired by Amgen (AMGN))
(Formerly Therascope AG)
Cambridge, MA and Heidelberg, Germany

Alantos is a drug discovery company focused on dynamic combinatorial chemistry, a process which allows the merging of the combinatorial synthesis of new compounds with their screening for target binding into a single step.

BioSource International Inc. OBP IV
(Acquired by Invitrogen (INVG))
Camarillo, CA

BioSource manufactures and markets a wide array of life science assays, biologics and reagents to accelerate the creation of new drug therapies and medical diagnostic methods.

Cellomics, Inc. OBP II
(Acquired by Fisher Scientific International, Inc.)
Pittsburgh, PA

Cellomics develops and markets high content screening systems for drug screening and localization within living cells.

CGI Pharmaceuticals Inc. OBP V
(Acquired by Gilead Sciences (GILD))
San Dimas, CA

CGI Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the discovery and development of small molecule kinase inhibitors for autoimmune/allergic/inflammatory disease (AAID) indications and oncology/angiogenesis.

Claros Diagnostics, Inc. OBP V
(Acquired by OPKO (NYSE: OPK))
Miami, FL

Claros Diagnostics is developing point-of-care medical diagnostic instruments which allow laboratory-quality testing to be performed directly by physicians and healthcare professionals. The company’s initial product is an immunoassay system providing urologists with quantitative blood-based results in minutes.

Coelacanth Chemical Corporation (LEXG) OBP II  
(Acquired by Lexicon Genetics Inc)
The Woodlands, TX

Coelacanth, which uses proprietary chemistry technologies and knockout mice to rapidly discover new chemical entities for drug development, recently merged with Lexicon Genetics and will form the core for a new division called Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, based in Princeton, N.J. Lexicon Pharmaceuticals will combine Lexicon's novel, functionally defined targets from the human genome with Coelacanth Corporation's high performance chemistry technologies to discover new drugs.

CombiChem, Inc. OBP II
(Acquired by DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company)
Wilmington, DE

CombiChem uses combinatorial chemistry to synthesize new drug candidate compounds.

Concentric Medical, Inc. OBP IV
(Acquired by Stryker Biotech)
Kalamazoo, MI

Concentric Medical is building a franchise in neurovascular intervention by developing new device-based treatments for ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. Concentric’s leading product, the proprietary MERCI™ System has the potential of revolutionizing ischemic stroke intervention by providing a simple and innovative mechanical method of removing thrombus to restore blood flow.

Corixa Corporation (CRXA) OBP IV
(Merged with and into a wholly owned subsidiary of SmithKline, Beecham Corporation)
Seattle, WA

Corixa Corporation develops therapeutic products for the treatment and prevention of cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases. BEXXAR', the Company's most advanced product candidate, is an investigational radioimmunotherapy that combines the targeting ability of a monoclonal antibody and the therapeutic potential of radiation, with patient-specific dosing.

CytoLogix Corporation OBP II, III
(Primary business acquired by DakoCytomation)
Glostrup, Denmark

CytoLogix developed and marketed instruments automating immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization procedures for the clinical pathology laboratory market. In 2002, DakoCytomation A/S of Glostrup, Denmark acquired the Artisan' instrument business from CytoLogix, Inc. Artisan is a state of the art tissue staining instrument used in pathology labs for cancer diagnosis.

DATATRAK International (DATA) OBP I  
(Formerly Collaborative Clinical Research; Sold to West Corp (NYSE))
Cleveland, OH

DATATRAK International provides software and related services that allow for the worldwide electronic transmission of clinical research data for the pharmaceutical and related life sciences industries.

Hypnion, Inc. OBP III
(Acquired by Eli Lilly and Company (LLY))
Lexington, MA

Hypnion is a genomics drug discovery and development company focused on disorders and regulation of sleep and related CNS diseases.

Impella CardioSystems AG OBP IV
(Acquired by ABIOMED, Inc. (ABMD))
Aachen, Germany and Danvers, MA

ABIOMED, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets innovative heart assist and replacement systems.

Memory Pharmaceuticals Corp. OBP II, IV
(Acquired by Hoffman-La Roche Inc.)
Montvale, NJ

Memory Pharmaceuticals develops drugs for the treatment of cognitive disorders associated with disease and aging.

Microcide Pharmaceuticals, Inc. OBP I''
(Merged with Essential Therapeutics)
Mountain View, CA

Microcide develops novel antibiotics to treat infectious diseases.
Pathway Medical Technologies, Inc. OBP V
(Acquired by MEDRAD, Inc., a business of Bayer Medical Care)
Warrendale, PA

Pathway is developing catheter technology to remove and aspirate thrombus in coronary arteries, bypass grafts and other arteries.

Rubicon Medical Corporation (RMDC) OBP IV
(Acquired by and merged into a wholly owned subsidiary of Boston Scientific Corp. (BSX))
Salt Lake City, Utah

Develops embolic protection devices for vascular interventional procedures.

Signal Pharmaceuticals, LLC OBP I
San Diego, CA

The Signal Pharmaceuticals, LLC Corp. is identifying new classes of small molecule drugs that selectively regulate disease-associated genes through a corporate strategy that emphasizes (i) integrating advanced target-to-drug discovery technologies and (ii) leveraging drug targets and drug candidates across multiple therapeutic areas.

Stratagene Corp. (STGN) OBP V
(Acquired by Agilent Technologies)
La Jolla, CA

Stratagene is a worldwide leader in developing innovative products and technologies for life science research.

superDimension, Ltd. OBP IV
(Acquired by Covidien)
Herzliya, Israel and Plymouth, MN

superDimension has a minimally invasive technology platform for interventional pulmonology, providing clinicians with 3-D visualization. This enables physicians to direct a variety of instruments through the lungs.

Trubion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (TRBN) OBP IV
(Acquired by Emergent Biosolutions, Inc.(EBS))
Rockville, MD

Trubion is focused on the discovery and development of single chain antibodies to treat autoimmune and cancer indications.