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Oxford Bioscience Partners - Boston, MA
  The General Partners and team of investment professionals have combined experience in operational, financial and scientific roles in the life science industry. The team has played significant leadership roles in a number of public and private life science companies, including acting as founders and directors of start-up ventures as well as executive officers of both large cap pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The combination of broad experience in the capital markets and in-house access to an extensive network of scientific and industry experts places OBP in a unique position to exploit important advances in medical science, gain insights into new developments in emerging and future science, as well as pursue a practical approach to creating and maximizing shareholder value.

OBP remains receptive to investing in a wide scope of new initiatives and businesses. Leveraging their diverse domain expertise, the 11 investment professionals at OBP are well-suited to identify and assess investment opportunities quickly and accurately, often before the development of many emerging markets. Many of our portfolio companies which have been considered "first in class" in the areas of genomics, drug discovery, and medical devices, are the result of our ability to anticipate the future needs and trends of many new diagnostic and therapeutic markets, as well as the applications of novel life science products and tools.

Augmenting the expertise of OBP's investment professionals is our staff of Executives-in-Residence. Collectively, they have developed billion dollar drugs, built and managed successful R&D and commercial organizations, transacted multi-billion dollar partnerships, and successfully bought and sold companies. They bring to OBP the ability to open doors to new markets, to source and drive investments in emerging areas, and to deliver experience and value to OBP's portfolio companies, providing a clear competitive advantage to the OBP team.