Alan G. Walton, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Senior General Partner
Westport, CT
Alan G. Walton, Ph.D., D.Sc. has served as a director of our company since March 2003. Dr. Walton joined Oxford Partners as a General Partner in 1987. In 1991, he founded Oxford Bioscience Partners and he is currently Senior Partner and Chairman of Oxford Bioscience Corporation. Previously, he was President and CEO of University Genetics Co., a public biotechnology company involved in technology transfer and seed investments in university-related projects. Prior to University Genetics, he taught at several institutions including Harvard Medical School, Indiana University and Case Western Reserve where he was Professor of Macromolecular Science and Director of the Laboratory for Biological Macromolecules. Dr. Walton serves on the Board of Alexandria Real Estate Equities. He is President of the National Committee on Bioscience. Dr. Walton was a founder of Human Genome Sciences, Exelixis, and GeneLogic and is the Founding Chairman of the Biotechnology Venture Investors Group. Dr. Walton holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and a D.Sc. in biological chemistry from Nottingham University in England and in 2005 received an honorary LLD degree for his lifetime achievement in life sciences from Nottingham University. Dr. Walton was elected Emeritus University Adjunct Professor at Case Western Reserve University in 2007.
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